The SSH Connect Wellness approach aims to maintain people’s lifestyle regardless of their age and living arrangements. It is a holistic concept with many practical and innovative ways to maximise both your emotional and physical health. You are welcome to attend our Wellness centres and/or we can visit you at home. 

 We assist our clients to participate in activities that were previously not able to do so as we understand that maintaining both people’s roles and lifestyle is critical to a person’s quality of life. We are able to provide the following services either at home or in the Wellness Centre.


  • Our award winning computerised and pressurised low impact gym equipment (HUR) at our Wellness Centres. The equipment is state of the art and imported from Europe for physiotherapy and rehabilitation programmes. Because it uses air pressure, clients are less likely to injure themselves and build up strength that can be utilised in day to day activities.


Click here to see the company providing the equipment


  • Best Practice Dementia Care is available in the community setting and supplemented by our successful Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST). CST is a proven therapy aimed at maintaining people’s memory who live with Dementia and is a group activity based on people’s interests. Research has shown that for larger improvements in memory, CST is equally effective as several dementia drugs.

 Quotes from people living with dementia participating included:

“I noticed people becoming more fluent and you could see people trying to express themselves more”.

“We just enjoyed ourselves; there’s an awful lot of laughter”.

Quotes from family carers included:

“There is no argument that my wife is brighter”.

“She’s started remembering things since coming to the group”.


  • Health Checks - comprehensive health checks are conducted in the context of our Wellness model and community integration. This includes general health checks and falls risk assessment using our state of the art I Balance machine. Please refer to our articles and insights page for further information. 
  • Positive thinking programs – SSH Connect prides itself on running programs that are underpinned by the latest positive psychology principles. This program aims to build up our well-being, happiness and life satisfaction.


For further enquiries, please contact  SSH Connect  on (08) 84091500 or CLICK HERE TO ENQUIRE NOW


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We believe passionately that people deserve vibrant and integrated opportunities to  thrive and embrace life in community settings

We offer the best quality, most innovative, empowering and responsive services to meet the needs of our community

We deliver state of the art retirement living, in-home support , professional care services, social, recreational and personal activities

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