Naso Sling Testimonials

During the two years of development and testing the Naso Sling has attracted overwhelmingly positive reactions from qualified allied health practitioners, carers and persons actually using the sling. Some of their comments were:

Mrs C

84 year old client with severe rheumatoid arthritis reported the Naso Sling “is much more comfortable than the other slings and more supportive”.

A professional staff carer for Mrs A

Mrs A a 78 year old client with a stroke, expressed that the Naso sling “gives good support to her right affected side with good rear access. As well as this Mrs A is able to sit in a more upright compared to the usual cocoon slings”.

Mrs B’s (90 year old) carers reported

“Mrs B sits in a more upright position (which) makes it easier to transfer her comfortably into a princess chair”.

A well respected Clinical Nurse Consultant

reports ‘there has been a significant reduction in incident reports as staff are saying that it is true time saver’.

Mr J (65 year old)

who is affected by right side muscular degeneration, agreed it is “comfortable and caters to my needs”.

Mr D (78 year old)

reported that he prefers the large size for comfort. His carers said “The Naso sits well across the hips, and is generous in the shoulder width”.

Mrs W

who usually screams from discomfort in the morning when “going up” in a sling is now able to use the Naso sling with “nil complaints”. Similarly Mrs Z who hates the sling and cries out, agrees “it (the Naso sling) is much better than the others”.

A Senior Aged Care Manager

states ‘it has reduced organisational sling costs as the Naso sling provides the same functions as both the toileting and cocoon slings – we only need to buy one sling as opposed to two’.

A qualified carer explained,

“Mrs M usually has difficulty positioning in slings as she wriggles and flops to one side, but the extra straps in the Naso, give additional support to position her more upright than before. The padding and shape for the legs provides good support”.

Mrs H (74 year old)

returned from hospital after requiring revision hip surgery and reported no pain in her hip when using the Naso sling.

A carer, who has over 30 years aged care experience

stated ‘it is so much easier for both the client and staff to get the Naso sling under the client and lift them’.

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