Day Care Programs

Day Care Programs

SSH Connect Day Program provide a safe, supportive group environment for seniors who need social support and/or assistance with personal tasks during the day. Day programs for seniors are usually staffed by our nationally accredited community care staff.

These centres provide relief to caregivers and family members who are caring for an elderly loved one in their home, as well as offering the senior a chance to get out of the house, socialize and participate in fun activities with others.

Who attends Elderly Day Care?

Generally men and women aged 65 and older are eligible to attend elderly day care.

Where are our Elderly Day Care Centres located?

SSH Connect currently runs 4 programs in Glandore, Fulham, Seaton and Woodville and usually operate Monday through Friday during the day. However, we are able to offer evening holiday and weekend programming to accommodate caregiver schedules.

What types of services are provided?

Depending on the location, the following elderly day care services may be included:

  • transportation to and from the centre.
  • snacks and meals during the day.
  • physiotherapy services, including help with rehabilitation programming.
  • personal care support, such as personal hygiene and grooming.
  • medication monitoring and administration.
  • social activities, including organized groups and outings.
  • supervision of seniors who may wander, such as those with memory impairments.

What are the benefits of Elderly Day Care?

When it comes to elderly day care, everyone reaps the benefits. SSH Connect Day Programs allow participants to leave the comfort of their own home for unthreatening, sheltered and supervised surroundings. Once there, seniors can take advantage of a variety of fun and educational activities designed to improve their mental and physical health.

Elderly day care activities include:

  • arts and crafts
  • sing-alongs or storytelling
  • bingo, cards or other mentally challenging games
  • Exercise classes
  • HUR Smart Card operated gym
  • discussion groups
  • field trips
  • holiday celebrations

Staff administer medications, help individuals improve or preserve their degree of independence, provide physical therapy, and assist with performing activities of daily living.

Equally important, elderly day care centres accord caregivers a welcome break from the stress of what oftentimes is a round-the-clock job. Just a few hours away from constantly caring for a family member can re-energize a person. Caregivers can enjoy some time for themselves without feeling guilty while recharging their physical and emotional batteries.

What is the cost of Elderly Day Care?

To find the cost of SSH Connect Day Programs, please contact (08) 84091500 or CLICK HERE TO ENQUIRE NOW


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